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Nadine Gordimer Retires from Fiction Writing, Decries State Corruption

A portrait of Nadine Gordimer

Nadine Gordimer has announced her retirement from fiction writing, in an interview with WorldPost’s Michael Skafidas.

No Time Like the PresentLife TimesThe Nobel Prize-winning author turned 90 years old last November. Her last novel, No Time Like the Present, “feels like a conclusion”, she tells Skafidas, explaining that the title refers to her “present disillusion” with the state’s creeping corruption under the ANC, “the only political party I ever belonged to”. She singles out the Secrecy Bill as symptomatic of some of the unfortunate turns post-Mandela South Africa has taken.
In the interview, Gordimer also debunks the notion that she helped Mandela compose his famous Rivonia Trial speech, and delivers a passionate argument in favour of “unplugged” reading and writing:
The WorldPost: Are you working on a new novel?
Gordimer: Actually no. I wrote 15 novels and 12 books of short stories and quite a number of non-fiction. I have been writing since a very long time. I started getting published in little magazines when I was 13 or 14 years old. So, I feel, you know, you can’t be greedy! Also, now my abilities would fail me. I am still writing some articles but in terms of novel writing I think I am done.

Complete article: Huffington Post

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